The Trump Family that I Know by Lynn Patton

May 4, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – Following on the heels of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination yesterday with his massive victory in the Indiana primary and noting the continued snipping at the heels of Mr. Trump by political ne’er do wells and poseurs, who will remain nameless not only because anonymity is what they deserve, but in the most fervent hope that after their wounds have healed - a process which we know from personal experience is painful – we as conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, reasonable Democrats and generally Americans who still believe America is the last best hope of mankind we offer [not only this insanely long sentence] but the following.

This video was recorded by Lynn Patton who, as a Black woman from a position of high responsibility and authority, inside of the huge Trump organization speaks to the heart of the groundless accusations being hurled against the man whom we hope will go on in November to crush Hillary Clinton and the radical Democrats and become the next president of the United States.

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Vote Trump


May 3, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – Below please consider some thoughts regarding our decision to endorse Donald J. Trump for the office of President of the United States.

Though we view the observation to be axiomatic, nonetheless we note that the current period in history is so critical that the next decade may well determine the future of Western Civilization, a characterization about which we are as serious as a heart attack.

So please allow us to proceed in a stream of consciousness bit of prose…

Mr. Cruz is obviously stunningly intelligent and says the things that strict constructionists want to hear. Mr. Trump has built an empire taking risks while engaging in capitalism and must therefore also be highly intelligent as demonstrated by the ability to get things done in perhaps the toughest city bureaucracy in the U.S., no small feat.

As an aside, Mr. Obama is perhaps as intelligent as Mr. Cruz and look at the wreckage of the last 7+ perhaps sheer IQ is not indicative of anything but the ability to process information; it doesn’t speak to motives, intent, policy, ability to forge consensus or any of the qualities required if the West is going to have one last shot at maintaining its greatness.

As we all painfully remember Obama campaigned as a uniter…enough said.

From our vantage point the entirety of Western Civilization hangs in precarious balance as of this writing, and depending on the political decisions that Western leaders make over the next, let’s say, decade [though it could well be shorter than that] we risk losing everything, the entire corpus of values which have made the modern world a significantly better place in which to live.

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Special Report: Cinco de Mayo Multicultural/Immigration Issue


May 3, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – - In grandpa's America, February used to be a special month, with the nation individually celebrating the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. From what we hear, the little kiddies used to spend all-too-much time studying the history surrounding these two men and even cutting out their likenesses out of construction paper to bring home to mom and dad, back in the bad old days when dad kept mom chanied to the stove, barefoot and always pregnant.

But as America has thankfully become more progressive, that kind of nonsense is seldom seen anymore and the two birthdates are now celebrated under the much less offensive term, "President's Day."

Now, thanks to a massive and ongoing class struggle led by our "leading edge" brothers and sisters in the International Workers' Movement, the dawning of a new, more socially responsible consciousness has brought with it the understanding that when you really think about it, in many ways May, specifically May 5 – Cinco de Mayo – is far more important and relevant to the times in which we live. Now we realize that some of you might have been taught [probably in "those" kind of schools, you know the few holdouts that still teach that abortion isn't a sacrament] that these two individuals were great Americans, contrary to the real story about America as related by that great and beloved historian Howard Zinn...but trust us, the process of re-education on these matters is unfolding before our very eyes, which is quite exciting.

I mean really, isn't it obvious that old Georgie and Abe had all the advantages that life could offer, while standing on the shoulders of the black man?


First of all they were white...really white, like European snow in a world composed mostly of poor people of color. Second they were male, predatory and full of testosterone, undoubtedly part of the patriarchy and could thus use their white privileged hateful power relationships to get their way, oppressing the universal "other" with the yoke of economic and physical bondage.


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“Mooqie” al-Sadr on Verge of Toppling Iraq?

May 2, 2016 - Washington, DC – – Unreported by just about the entirely of the media [unless you make the exception of the coverage at the late William Kristol Sr's. clown publication, The National Interest], the Iraqi government is on the verge of a total collapse and Team Obama is actively reviewing plans to abandon the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

That all of this is taking place at the hands of long-time Shia jihadi - Muqtada al-Sadr - who should have been “terminated with great prejudice” even before the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom - as he continues to exert the raw political power he has wielded for over a decade presents a case study in why it’s morally and strategically indefensible to prosecute wars in a half-assed way.

In his latest move, Sadr [who often retreats to the “holy” city of Qom, Iran when the going gets a bit rough] has organized a series of protests inside what is supposed to be Baghdad’s most highly secured area, established by the U.S. Coalition Forces and known as the Green Zone. Working out of a huge tent city, these demonstrations which have already forced the Abadi government to reshuffle its cabinet now threaten its very existence.

Key takeaways here are that in the Middle East there are no such things as secure areas and that compromise is simply a waypoint on the path to the final bloodletting.

From the reliably excellent, Institute for the Study of War:

“[the] situation is unstable enough to put the U.S. Embassy on alert, and the U.S. must prepare a contingency plan in case the situation spirals out of control. Iraq’s political crisis has reached dangerous new heights that pose a serious threat to the stability of the government, and in the worst case scenario could also threaten U.S. forces. Negotiations will continue among political leaders and the current unrest is likely to reduce as the initial rioting burns out. Nevertheless, if the political blocs cannot come to an agreement, or if violence or an ISIS spectacular attack against the demonstrators occurs, the situation could collapse even further. The U.S. must be prepared for the worst case scenario that sees the political crisis leading to violence in Baghdad and the potential collapse of PM Abadi’s government and deploy diplomatic or military assets in order to mitigate the possibility of an even more disastrous state of affairs.” [source, Sadr Attempts a De-Facto Coup in Iraq, Institute for the Study of War - ISW]

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